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Any obligations owed to the school or a faculty member will result in the holding of the student's records or report card until the obligation is met. Obligation letters are sent out at the end of each marking period and students/parents may check in the main office with Mrs. Flowers (492-1232) to see if an obligation exists. If a student has an outstanding obligation both parents and student will have their student information system (Powerschool) portal privileges removed. As a result, students and parents will not be able to check grades or have access to report cards if outstanding obligations exist at the end of each marking period. A student may also be denied the privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities and athletics. Students will not be permitted to attend school dances or the prom with school obligatons. Once the obligations have been rectified, the student information system portal will be restored, access will be granted, and extra-curricular participation will be permitted. Seniors who do not rectify all obligations prior to graduation will not be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies
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