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In-School Suspension Program

In-School Suspension (ISS) is an intervention program designed to reform both behavior and attitude of the students assigned. When present in the ISS program, the following rules and guidelines will apply at all times:
1.) Be on time. You must be in the room by the late bell.

2.) Be prepared. Bring all the necessary materials with you at the beginning of the day.

3.) No talking. If there is a problem, raise your hand and the teacher or monitor will respond.
4.) Stay in your seat. You may not leave your seat unless you have permission from the monitor.
5.) No sleeping. You are to sit up in your chair, with both feet on the ground. 
6.) No passes will be given out during the day.
7.) No food or drink (including candy or gum). 
8.) No headphones, games, cards or electronic games.
9.) Computer use for school work only.
10.) Make-up, perfume and deodorant are not allowed to be applied in the room.
11.) All reading material other than school issued book must be approved.
12.) Students must sign in daily when assigned to ISS.
13.) Students are not permitted to participate in any extra-curricular or co-curricular events while suspended.

14.) Misbehavior in ISS may result in additional day(s) of ISS or possible Out-of-School Suspension (OSS).

15.) All other rules listed in the Code of Student Conduct are in effect while you are in ISS.

16.) Persistent violations leading to suspension may result in further disciplinary action and/or a referral to our CARES team.

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