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Driving to School

Students are permitted to drive to school and are required to obtain a driving permit in the office. At the beginning of the year drivers will be asked to register for a parking sticker for $10.00.

1. Students must be licensed drivers.
2. Students must have parental permission.
3. Students must present evidence of liability insurance coverage.
4. Students must complete the required Donegal High School Registration materials.

Students may park in the student parking lot adjacent to the high school. Students may not park in identified staff, visitor or handicapped spots. Failure to park in the proper lot will result in the loss of parking privileges. All student drivers must display a permit from their rearview mirrorIf space becomes unavailable in the lot adjacent to the school upon arrival in the morning, then the driver must use the overflow lot below the track. Students should allot for this when preparing to come in the morning - parking will not be an excuse for being tardy. Students must also notify Mr. Miller or the main office personnel if, for whatever reason, a permit will not be displayed in a vehicle. It is the student's responsibility to keep the permit displayed and to notify the previously mentioned individuals. It is not the school's responsibility to seek out individuals not displaying a permit.Violators will receive a sticker attached to the side window of the vehicle. Persistent parkiing violations will result in the loss of parking privileges.
Students who accumulate disciplinary infractions in school may be subject to loss of driving privileges. Driving and/or parking on school property is a privilege. Please read the expectations on the back of the green application form.

Any driver who exhibits careless or reckless driving will be reported for reckless driving to local law enforcement and lose driving privileges. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the grass. Minibikes, snowmobiles, all-terrain vechicles, skateboards for travel, to, from, or on-school property are prohibited. Students are reminded that it is illegal to pass a parked school bus while it has its red lights flashing.

CTC students enrolled in a full-time program will be permitted to drive. Driving permits must be acquired at the appropriate CTC School

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