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Cafeteria Procedures

1. Students shall report to the cafeteria only during their assigned lunch period.

2. All food and flavored beverages must be consumed in the cafeteria. Any unfinished food/drinks should be discarded or placed in a backpack prior to leaving the cafeteria.

3. Students should report to the lunch line upon arrival in the cafeteria and stay in line.

4. Handle trays and silverware with care. Abuse will be treated as a discipline infraction which could lead to a detention or ISS placement. When you have finished, carry your tray and all debris to the appropriate disposal units.

5. Food/beverages can be purchased with cash or by using cash "on account". We do not allow "loans" to make purchases. All students are assigned a cafeteria account number in order to place money on account. Students will be verbally advised when their account gets low. See the Cafeteria Manager if you do not know your access number or have issues or concerns regarding your account.
6. Students placing money on account should provide checks ( payable to Donegal School District Food Service Dept.) to the cafeteria in the morning upon their arrival to school. Checks should not be provided to the cafeteria personnel during the lunch periods (only in the morning).
7. Theft in the cafeteria will be treated as a discipline infraction which will lead to restitution, detention, ISS and/or a police citation.
8. National School Lunch Regulations include mandatory offering of milk with school lunches. Juice cannot be substituted unless a special medical condition warrants this substitution - a written order from a physician must be provided to make the substitution.
9. When students have finished eating lunch and discarded their debris they should:
A. remain in the cafeteria.
B. not go to their lockers during lunch without permission.
C. not be in the parking lot without permission.
D. use the lavatories adjacent to the cafeteria.
10. Cafeteria Monitors possess the same authority as any other faculty member in the building. Their directives should be adhered to without question or discussion. Failure to follow the directives of a faculty/staff member during the lunch period will result in one of the following: lunch detention, an assigned seat, or ISS placement.
11. Students are able to purchase cafeteria items from 7:15 am until 7:40 am each day. At no time should students be in the cafeteria after this time period. Students should remain in homeroom. On a related note - students should not be consuming food or beverage items in the classroom unless proper documentation has been filed in the nurses office indicating the need to do so. Students will be asked to put items away, if you fail to do so - the items will be confiscated and discarded.
12. Students may carry water during the school day.

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