Donegal High School Cell Phone Expectations


Students are permitted to use their cell phones during the times indicated. Any use outside of these times will be considered a violation of the high school cell phone expectations.


Cell Phone Expectations:

  • Students may use their cell phones before homeroom and after dismissal.
  • Students may use their cell phones between classes and during lunch.
  • Students may not use their cell phones in class without the teacher's permission.
  • Students may not use their cell phones in the hallways during instructional time while going to the restoom/guidance/nurse.
  • Cell phones will be collected during common assessments.

Consequences or Disciplinary Actions:

Faculty and staff are encouraged to ask students to put away their cell phones if observed during inappropriate times. If the student puts the phone away without incidence, the teacher may move forward without further action. If the student does not comply, have a converation privately with the student after class out of earshot of peers and remind them of the expectations. If he or she exhibits the same behavior again, contact home and submit a discipline referral for insubordination. Be sure to document any/all interventions taken before submitting a discipline referral.