Student Council
2016 - 2017

The Student Council plays an active role at Donegal by sponsoring assemblies, dances, movies and other activities, which are beneficial to the well being of the student body. Its purpose is not to govern the students, but to serve as a medium between the student and the administration. At its meetings, problems and questions arising from either the students or the administration can be presented for discussion and consideration. The Student Council's objectives are to unify student activities, to promote all activities, to provide input regarding the school to the principal, to teach the values of working in a democracy, and to voice the opinion of the entire student body.


Faculty Advisor Mrs. Jessica Shellenberger
President Madison Heider
Vice-President Rachel Robinson
Secretary Delanie Morelock
Treasurer: Grace Miller
School Board Representatives Rachael Overlander
Lauren Stwalley
Senior Class Representatives Michaela Dearborn
Anna Farmer
Anna Fritz
Madison Heider
Shawn Maag
Delanie Morelock
Rachel Robinson
Junior Class Representatives Carli Garrett
Emma Hudson
Chrysten Hynes
Nick Ketner
Tanner Kohler
Grace Miller
Kyra Olweiler
Rachael Overlander
Avery Walker
Sophomore Class Representatives Janelle Brinser
Aliza Johns
Catherine Moran
Lyla Naqzi
Joey Piatt
Mackenzie Shirk
Lauren Stwalley
Nia Vasquez
Freshman Class Representatives Kiera Baughman
Brooke Diehm
Katelyn Deibler
Connor Flory
Sarah Leidich
Lydia Miller
Erica Shonk