Homework Guidelines

Homework has been identified as a vital factor in increasing student achievement in almost all national and state reports on education. Homework - assigned by teachers to be completed by students - is to enhance and support student learning.


Homework is an essential part of the total education of the student. It is direct outgrowth and a continuation of the learning process developed in the classroom and carried on by the pupil independently.

1. To increase retention through the practice, application, integration, and/or extension of knowledge and skills.
2. To prepare students for upcoming material.
3. To assist students in experiencing success and to receive rewards for their efforts.
4. To teach responsibility and accountability as a life skill.
5. To stimulate home-school communication

Homework Should:
1. Increase the retention of school learning by necessary practice, integration, or application.
2. Be graded or evaluated through the use of summative assessments.
3. Be assigned on a regular basis.
4. Be relevant and congruent to the stated learning objectives.
5. Have structure and purpose.
6. Is independent practice to reinforce/review concepts previously presented to the students.
7. NEVER BE ASSIGNED AS A DISCIPLINARY MEASURE. It will build deep resentment toward the subject matter, toward school and toward the teacher. It may lead to copying and to more serious discipline problems than it was designed to remedy. It often results in extreme dislike of intellectual activity. It also defeats the purpose of writing across the curriculum and helps the students to learn to devalue writing. Please refer to School Board Policy #213 for further information.
8. Be qualitative not quantitative.