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Teacher Contact: Mrs. Brackbill
Purpose: To put on those most amazing high school fall plays and spring musicals in the world. Ever.



High School Musical Cast List


Thank you everyone!! I had a blast getting to know you. I will work on creating a schedule and getting a list of your contact information together for more information. The only schedule item I know is that we'll start rehearsals the week of June 19th.  Thanks!


The Jocks 

Troy Bolton: Andrew Whitlock 

Chad Danforth: Derek Brackbill

Zeke Baylor: Will Kauffman 

Jason: Bill Rosengrant

The Thespians 

Sharpay Evans: Whitney Bowers 

Ryan Evans: Rod Hess 

Jane: Missy Ross 

Susan: Tamara Armstrong

Cathy: Hollie Mendenhall

Alana: Amy Wise

Cyndra: Kaitlyn Hollinger

The Brainiacs 

Gabriella Montez: Michele Witman 

Taylor McKessie: Katie Oxee 

Martha Cox: Liz Haldeman 

Kratnoff: Erika Flowers

The Skater Dudes 

Ripper: Steve Sturgis 

Mongo: Tamara Armstrong

Other Students 

Jackie Scott: Kasey Lee 

Kelsi Neilson: Carrie Haak 


Michele Sosnoski, Hilary Burnside, Amy Wise, Meagan Caterbone, Katie Stehman, Josh Stitt


Karaoke M.C./Science Decathlon Moderator: Steve Sturgis 

Ms. Darbus: Moriah Berringer

Coach Bolton: John Felix 

Ms. Tenny: Susan Heydt

Ensemble (Jocks, Thespians, Brainiacs, Skaters, Party Kids, Fans) :

Steve Sturgis

Derek Brackbill

Katie Stehman

Tami Barrick

Lori Walmer

Whitney Crouse

Michele Sosnoski

Jenna Hunter

Missy Ross

Kaitlyn Hollinger

Susan Heydt

Hilary Burnside 

Patrick Caterbone

Dave Dunsavage