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Scheduling Process

The students, parents/guardians, teachers, and counselors should all be involved in the planning of a sound educational program.  This program, as it unfolds and develops from year to year, should result in an enjoyable, successful, and profitable high school career.  The students’ ability to continue their education or their readiness for employment will determine how successful this program has been.  In planning a program, a student should:


                        1.   Establish personal goals.

                        2.   Evaluate personal interests, aptitudes, and needs.

                        3.   Learn career entrance requirements as soon as possible.

                        4.   If college is anticipated, visit as many colleges as possible during

                              the eleventh grade and find out about entrance requirements

                        5.   Consult with parents/guardians, teachers, and counselors in order to                                      benefit from their experience and the information, they can make it                                        available.

                        6.   Make sure all graduation requirements are met

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